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A lot of the leadership articles I have been reading lately talk about being uncomfortable. When you’re in a great place for too long, boredom tends to settle in. What was once nerve-wracking and scary has faded away into the mundane. That’s how humans are hard-wired. We see challenges, we either run or fight. Those who fight will either die and give up or they’ll tackle it head on and grow. Those who run might as well have died.

That last statement is a bit harsh. But I believe at least in the corporate world that it’s true. You’re allowed to make mistakes - but only mistakes that stem from poor judgment. The mistakes should not come about because of perceived (or actual) cowardice.

Now I didn’t say that tactical retreats were a sign of failure. If anything, it means you’re using your critical thinking to find other means of attacking the problem.

On a personal note, the boredom is kicking in for me. I am not sure if I need more team lead experience or if I need another project or challenge. Fact is - I can code and handle requirements with my eyes closed. It may not be the best and most elegant, but I’m working on it. I’m not overly concerned about the mastery part of it because I know that will build over time. I’m concerned about what it is that is challenging me.

What is challenge?

I define challenge as the fear of not knowing and being completely out of your element. Challenge is something that scares you but intrigues you as well. You may feel and look like an idiot, but that doesn’t stop you. You want to be an idiot because it means that you’re in a great situation to learn.

That’s what I’m looking for. It’s time to build.