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I still have no idea what I’m doing with jekyll.

I’ll be working on the landing page and setting up pages and proper links today. The goal is to set up a nice little landing page, that links to different kinds of posts on varying topics. But, in order to do that, I want to set up the pages themselves, first. They’ll be a bit barebones to start, but it’ll make sense.

After reading some more documentation, I’ve added the following into the config.yml file, under the default section:

  # _pages
  - scope:
      path: ""
      type: pages
      layout: single
      author_profile: true

I’ve also added the _pages directory and added an about.md file in there. I’ve also added the stock year-archive.html file from minimalmistakes. Afterwards, I included the _data/navigation.yml so I can get the header links working. Mucho important!

After altering the navigation file and turning on the search functionality from within the config.yml, things are running pretty smoothly. I’ll be filling in some of the info blanks now.

I decided with using an archive list for posts as opposed to the categories one. I think that having both would be overkill in the navigation header, especially as I also have one for recent posts. One day, I’ll add some demos for my own projects, but that will come later.

Time check: 2018-01-02 11:01:55

So far, I have navigation, search, and the about page complete.

The last bit is the splash page, which will take more time to properly design. I threw together some stock images and added some text, included some formatting and voila, the site is live. :smile:

p.s. Welcome to the new year, also.