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Hoping to make this an annual thing - let’s look at 2017!

Pure stream-of-consciousness, sorry guys!

It was my first year of:

  • without real resolutions
  • being employed and with no school
  • no debt over my head
  • having to figure out what I wanted from life
  • really focusing on improving my technical chops
  • getting a bonus
  • going to a paid-for tech conference
  • altar serving at a funeral
  • playing speedpoint in ultimate
  • playing in an ultimate league
  • getting enough sleep, lel :sleeping:
  • physiotherapy, and it literally changed my life
  • working on a proficient team, learning real design
  • understanding the difference between Google/Facebook/Microsoft/Amazon engineering and industry engineering :trollface:
  • writing my first program in Java + Spring Boot
  • travelling across Canada on the longest :train: journey ever
  • being asked to be part of a bridal party
  • being asked to be the best man :bowtie:
  • asking a man to be my best
  • sizeable charitable donations :moneybag:
  • got an e-reader yay
  • didn’t rip my Christmas gifts on Christmas - actually forgot about them
  • getting into road biking!
  • got my first AmEx card

Some key events that stick out to me:

  • my pursuit of learning Cantonese truly teetered off to the abyss
  • transitioning from devops to front-end to full-stack engineering
  • family getting a new :electric_plug: car
  • wedding engagement :ring:
  • combining my finances with my :woman:
  • weightlifting PRs
  • improving at ultimate and doing bookends, the first definition!
  • spiritual direction and really tackling my weaknesses and inner :japanese_ogre:
  • decided against continuing with my P.Eng designation
  • ongoing wedding planning
  • all the hours with my niece
  • finishing the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • stopped trying to churn money with PerkTV (it just got too hard)

As they say, it was pretty lit, fam.